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St. Peter's Basilica

St Peter's Basilica, Rome

The Basilica of St. Peter

The Basilica of St. Peter is in the heart of the Vatican City, an independent sovereign state on the right bank of the Tiber river, in the centre of Rome

The Vatican State is the smallest State in the world, and what remains of temporal dominions of the Church, which were annexed to Italy at the end of 1800's with the unification of the country The Basilica as we see it today, with its ribbed dome stands impressively in its square which seems to welcome all the pilgrims of the world in the embrace of the Mother Church. It was designed by the most famous architects and geniuses of the Renaissance and Baroque time

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Rione Monti Rome

Rione Monti - Rome

Rione Monti - The most ancient quarter of Rome

The first quarter of Rome is “Monti” 
(mounts), so called as its confines once comprised the Esquilino, Viminal, part of the Quirinal and the Celio hills. It is the most ancient quarter of Rome.  

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coliseum rome

The Colosseum, Rome

The Roman Colosseum offers three or four points of view totally different from each other. The most beautiful is perhaps what comes to the curious when he is on the arena where the gladiators fought, and sees the immense ruins that arise around before. What mostly impresses me is the blue sky so pure as it appears through the windows of the upper part of the building.
Stendhal "Roman Walks - Colosseum"

The Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum, is probably the most famous monument in the world: this elliptical colossal construction, with a height of 48mt, has impressed and fascinated men of all Ages. 

It was with no doubt the most favourite place by the Romans, who came to prefer above all other entertainment the slaughter of men armed to kill and be killed for their amusement

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Touring Italy

Touring Italy

Touring Italy

When you live a wonderful and satisfying experience your first wish is to repeat it. Imagine then the one that satisfies your soul, heart, sight, and belly: you can count on a hand fingers the ones that fulfill all your senses

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coliseum rome

The Pantheon, Rome

In 27 b.C., Agrippa, son-in-law and architect of Augustus, erected the Pantheon on the site where Romulus according to the legend ascended to Heaven during a ceremony. It was a common temple rectangular in shape, medium size, conceived as a place of worship for various divinities.

Through the years the temple suffered fires and other disasters, it was restored several times till the final reconstruction by the emperor-architect Hadrian between 118 and 128 A.D.

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Appian Way, Rome

Appian Way, Rome

Stazio, a Latin poet, called it " Queen of roads" for the splendour of its burial monuments, the splendid patrician residences in the suburban section and for the evocative beauty of the land that it crossed. In the valley that separates the Celio from the Aventino there was once the Capena gate, today disappeared, from where the most imposing of the consular roads of the town began, the Appian Way

Opened in 312 b. C. by the censor Appio Claudius, during the Sannite wars, in order to join Rome "caput mundi" with the southern provinces of the peninsula, with Africa and the East. It became in short time the elected road, sacred to the cult of the dead, crossed during the Latin holidays by the crowd going to the temple of Giove on the summit of mount Cavo or to the temple of Diana, by the shores of the Nemi lake. 128 A.D.

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