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contemporary Rome

Contemporary Rome

Rome has never ceased to add new architectural layers to its topographical fabric, with works carried out in often decentrated areas, in order to requalify its function and adapt the metropolis to the contemporary era. Here is a summary map of the most important works.

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coliseum rome

The Colosseum, Rome

The Roman Colosseum offers three or four points of view totally different from each other. The most beautiful is perhaps what comes to the curious when he is on the arena where the gladiators fought, and sees the immense ruins that arise around before. What mostly impresses me is the blue sky so pure as it appears through the windows of the upper part of the building.
Stendhal "Roman Walks - Colosseum"


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coliseum rome

The Pantheon, Rome

In 27 b.C., Agrippa, son-in-law and architect of Augustus, erected the Pantheon on the site where Romulus according to the legend ascended to Heaven during a ceremony. It was a common temple rectangular in shape, medium size, conceived as a place of worship for various divinities.

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Appian Way, Rome

Appian Way, Rome

Stazio, a Latin poet, called it " Queen of roads" for the splendour of its burial monuments, the splendid patrician residences in the suburban section and for the evocative beauty of the land that it crossed. 


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