Our Clients

Companies, Embassies, Universities Travel agencies, and individual customers for a total of approximately 49.000 persons that in the past 5 years have been traveling to Italy with our tour operator.

Below you will find a short list of the main companies who organized their incentive in Italy with the assistance of our tour operator:

Cisco System- Swarovski Internazionale d'Italia S.p.A. - Olivetti S.p.A.- Text 100 Public Relations- Firmenich- Wuerth Srl- Elettra TLC S.p.A. Gruppo Telecom Italia - Avid Technology S.r.l - Lufthansa - American Express Platinum Card- Expedia Inc -Ikea Italia Retail srl - - D.M.G. Spa- Ibm- Iveco- Vichy - Nalco Energy Services- As Upb- Senukai- Coeva Productions- Marangoni- Abbott- Antalis- Procter& Gamble- Alcatel Romania SA- Leadership & Organisation Development- Amway Italia- Ava spa- Siemens VAI - ENEA C.R. Casaccia- Expedia Inc.- Galaxy Investment International- Maletti Spa- MGA Congressi e Pubbliche Relazioni - Miller Brothers (Electrical) Limited- Irritec & Siplast- Financial Architects nv- Messaggerie Italiane Spa- Business Unit Profit- Medical Global Agency s.r.o.- REALTECH Italia S.p.A.

Ambasciata d’Austria - Ambasciata del Messico- Ambasciata d’Australia- US Embassy of Rome- British Embassy Rome- Camara Nacional de la Industria de la Transformacion- Chamber of Commerci- Senato della Repubblica d’Italia

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