Ancient country residence Villa Adriana in Tivoli, Rome

tivoli villa adriana italy

Villa Adriana – Tivoli, Rome The enormous complex of buildings of Villa Adriana in Tivoli, near Rome, was built (probably between the 118 and 134 d.C.) for will of Emperor Hadrian: a restless and intellectual personality, incostant and adventurous, found of travels and Greek culture, beyond that he had a passion for architecture and took […]

St Peter’s Basilicain Vatican State, Rome

basilica san pietro roma interno

The Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican City The Basilica of St. Peter is in the heart of the Vatican City, an independent sovereign state on the right bank of the Tiber river, in the centre of Rome The Vatican State is the smallest State in the world, and what remains of temporal dominions […]

Contemporary Rome

The places of contemporary Rome Rome has never ceased to add new architectural layers to its topographical fabric, with works carried out in often decentrated areas, in order to requalify its function and adapt the metropolis to the contemporary era Index Auditorium Parco della Musica Via Pietro De Coubertin, 30 Completed in 2002 on a […]

Eating in Rome

cucina romana

Eating like a God in Rome! Roman food’s survival guide Index “Please, recommend us a good restaurant!”  it’s the most common demand made by our guests visiting the Eternal city. Actually, eating in Rome could prove to be a unique experience, or a catastrophe. How to properly orient oneself in the multitude of messages that […]

Unusual places to visit in Rome

Unusual places to visit in Rome … there are some places hidden outside the mass of tourist circuits… Rightly considered one of the most fascinating cities in the world, Rome is like an immense and inexhaustible treasure chest full of treasures: a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to know them all. However, in addition to the […]