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School trip packages in Rome

We have been developing customized travel programs that delight and engage students in the discovery of the city of Rome and its environs, a heritage unique in the world, sites full of secrets and history, with a fascination that goes beyond time. Our itineraries give the students the opportunity to improve their learning with a direct approach to archaeological sites and monuments. Thanks to a direct observation they develop and strengthen their learning and evaluation skills improving their communication too. Teacher gains new information and resources to be used in classrooms for live discussion. Our guided theme tours might be freely added as an extra on your basic package. They have been carefully designed by our staff with an interactive outline so as capture and hold students’ attention from the very beginning to the end of each visit. Tours are conducted by highly qualified and competent guides granting the success of youth educational trip and full satisfaction of either teachers and students.

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Specially theme tours for special travellers - A Time Travel into the History of Rome to the discovery of the city and its art masterpieces

Tour Package - Accommodation at 3 * hotel - Breakfast - Dinner - Customized itinerary according to students’ age and education program - Agency Assistance

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Some ideas for city tours of Rome

Baroque Rome & The historic noble Palaces

An enchanting itinerary into the 16th and 17th centuries, when Baroque art triumphed in Rome. You will see the major highlights and discover the hidden jewels of the town that house unexpected masterpieces, the symbol of Baroque Art.
Quirinal, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Montecitorio, Piazza Colonna, Pantheon, Palazzo Madama, Piazza Navona, Piazza Farnese, Campo de’ fiori

Angel’s Castle and St. Peter's

The evolution of ancient buildings through the centuries. One itinerary that will lead us to discover the monuments erected as pagan symbols assuming a new key role under the rule of the Popes. Angel’s Castle, originally built as Mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian later transformed into papal fortress and a residence, St Peter's linked to the memory of the circus of Caligula and the martyrdom of Christians nowadays centre of Christianity

Ancient Rome

An itinerary in the heart of Ancient Rome, through the main places symbol of the town. The Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, Colosseum, an area rich of historical memories, where the epic of the great Rome began. Street of the Imperial Fora and Venice Square, Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, Colosseum

Medieval Rome: Tiber River, Jewish Ghetto, Tiberine Island, Trastevere

A walk in the heart of Rome to discover the features of a timeless town: Church "Il Gesù" – Jewish Ghetto - Tiberine island - Piazza Mattei –Marcello’s theatre – the Portico of Octavia – Synagogue (upon request visit inside) - - S. Maria in Trastevere

Visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

A fascinating itinerary on foot to the discovery of art, history and religion of the smallest state in the world. Reserved entrance skipping the line - entrance before official opening hours!

Piazza Navona "Traces of Egypt to Rome" 

An art journey to the roots of Egyptian civilization in Rome! Discover the splendours of Egypt, from the priceless treasures housed in the Gregorian Egyptian Museum in the Vatican. A collection, that more than any other, will reveal the habits and customs of this great civilization from their daily activities to after death life. The exploration continues into the heart of ancient Rome in search of testimonies of ancient oriental civilization, untouched or revised by the Great Italian Masters, characterizing the urban layout of Rome: the pyramid and the obelisks, original monoliths, transported to Rome from Egypt, each with its own story and vicissitudes that have brought each obelisk to its present location

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