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Private Tours from Rome: Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most awesome and stunning places in Italy with this guided tour of Pisa.

Pisa | Guided Tour | High speed | 1 day


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 Visit Pisa from Rome in one day

If you wanna live a one-of-a-kind experience and visit one of the most sought-after cities in Italy, this private trip from Rome to Pisa is what you need. In less than two hours of travel by high-speed train, you’ll reach the stunning Tuscan city and enjoy an exclusive guided tour of its most famous monuments.

Pisa was one of the four maritime republics of the Middle Ages. Its fame is mainly linked to the Leaning Tower, the bell tower of the cathedral that tilted because of a soil collapse. But Pisa has much more to offer: the historic center preserves many traces of its glorious past. Among the places not to miss are the streets that run along the river and that are lively with student life, the Square of Miracles, the tower, the birthplace of Galileo Galilei. Pisa is a city that deserves to be visited with calm and curiosity, to discover its beauties and its traditions.




Exclusive Private Guided tour of Pisa and Leaning Tower, conducted by experienced informative guides
Meet your guide at Pisa station
HIGH-SPEED train tickets for the connection between Rome Pisa and back
We will take care of everything, so you can take the most of your trip
The possibility to climb the Leaning Tower




Visit Pisa from Rome - Basic Info

We take care you travel safetly.

Typology: private day trip
Available: every day
City: Pisa
Transportation: High speed train tickets 2nd class (Rome- Pisa – Rome)
Length: 13hrs.  

Departure and Return Location: Termini Railway Station (Metro Stop Termini A Red Line and B Blue Line) 
Departure time: 
h. 6:57am (departure time will be confirmed on the voucher of reservation)
Minimum 2 people requested
We customize the Tour upon request
 Available in English – Spanish – French – Italian – on request: Russian, Chinese
Dedicated Customer Service, 24 hours available for urgent needs
No booking or Credit card fees
Instant Confirmation:
 Your booking confirmation (with full details) will be emailed to you within the next 24 hours

Optional activity:  The possibility to climb the Leaning Tower on request





Visit Pisa from Rome - Suggested itinerary
Guided Tour Square of Miracles

Guided tour of the Square of Miracles, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can learn about the history and art of the four monuments that make up the center of Pisa’s religious life: the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Cemetery and the famous Leaning Tower.
The first stop of your guided tour is the Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque art that dates back to the 11th century. Check out the majestic white and gray marble facade, the bronze door, the hexagonal pulpit, the frescoes and mosaics that decorate the inside.

Then you’ll head to the Baptistery, built between the 12th and 14th centuries. This circular building has a conical dome that creates a wicked acoustic effect. Inside you’ll find the octagonal baptismal font and the hexagonal pulpit by Nicola Pisano, one of the masterpieces of the sculptor.

The Leaning Tower

The third stop is the Leaning Tower, the symbol of Pisa and one of the most famous attractions in the world. The tower started to lean during its construction in the 12th century because of the sinking of the ground below. Today the tower is stabilized thanks to consolidation and restoration works. You can climb its 294 steps and enjoy a stunning view of the square and the city.

The last stop is the Monumental Cemetery, an old graveyard that is located on the north side of the square. Here are buried the big shots of the city and there are precious Roman sarcophagi and medieval frescoes. The Cemetery was badly damaged by the bombings of World War II and a fire. Today you can admire some of the restored masterpieces, like the Triumph of Death and the Stories of the Saints.

The visit goes on with a stroll in the old town of Pisa, where you can check out other cool places like the crib of the posh Scuola Normale Superiore, and the front of the Palazzo della Carovana covered with old-school graffiti. Along the way, you can also dig the architectural and artistic beauties of churches, buildings and museums that show off the rich history and culture of this city.

You’ll then have some free time to grab a bite and explore the city as you like. You can shop till you drop in the streets of the center, taste the local grub or visit other museums and churches. The guide will hook you up with all the info you need on how to get to the station for the return to Rome, scheduled for 5 p.m.

Arrival in Rome around 8 p.m.



The Price includes


  • 2nd class HIGH-SPEED train tickets for the connection between Rome Pisa Rome
  • 3 hours Private guided tour of Pisa
  • Agency assistance
  • Service charges and taxes

Tour Excludes

  • Pick up from the hotel, on request with additional price



Free cancellation up to 72hrs. Train tickets are not refundable.


Important – Visit Pisa from Rome

This tour package is not available for those using a wheelchair
We would recommend that you wear comfortable clothes

For Groups request Contact us



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