How I found a wife with Italian cuisine


Ah, my unstable search for love, an endless series of disappointing attempts. The latest one, a dating website, was a total failure, another blow to my fragile ego. “What do I have to offer?” I timidly ask, seeking comfort from my insecurities.



My name is Lars, I am fifty years old, I am Norwegian and, as you might have guessed, desperately single. Despite my pleasant appearance, communication has always been my insurmountable barrier, especially with the fairer sex. I remember an embarrassing episode, an attempt to approach a woman that turned into an unintentional comedy show, leaving me even more inadequate than before.

A Vacation in Rome

But then, one day, a spark of hope illuminates the darkness of my loneliness. I decide to treat myself to a vacation in Rome, fascinated by its monuments, warm weather, and above all, the promise of a true culinary and wine tour de force. My list of restaurants, trattorias, and street food is long and detailed.

I wander through the streets and alleys of Rome, from the center to the outskirts, venturing out to the Castelli Romani, in search of the particular dish, the heavenly feast, let’s say, of a tail of ox cooked divinely…

roast pork from the Roman Castles

Regional cuisine

It was during this gastronomic exploration that I came across a regional cooking course, and without hesitation, I signed up.
In this warm and familiar environment, I immersed myself in the art of Roman cuisine. I eagerly learned how to prepare dishes such as pasta amatriciana, cacio e pepe, and carbonara. It was like a sensory journey through the authentic flavors and culinary traditions of this eternal city.

spaghetti alla carbonara


Back in Oslo, I decide to put my new culinary skills to use right away. I organize dinners and invite the few friends and acquaintances that I have. Incredibly, the word spreads and my house becomes an increasingly crowded gathering place. My life takes an unexpected turn.

During one of these magical Roman-style evenings, I meet Helga, a charming woman who seems to appreciate both my company and my cooking. The connection is instant, and our conversations flow naturally, as if we’ve known each other forever. “We could cook together, one of these days,” Helga whispers in my ear, her voice a sweet invitation that resonates in my soul.


Return to Italy

An unexpected happy ending sees us on our honeymoon trip to Rome. Here, together with my lovely partner Helga, we intend to specialize in second courses and appetizers, immersing ourselves further in the delights of Italian cuisine. My search for love has finally borne fruit, and the kitchen has become our romantic refuge, where we share love and passion among the fragrances of herbs and the enveloping flavors of Italy.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Cooking Classes in Rome

With a rich culinary history and culture, Rome offers a variety of cooking classes for all levels of experience. These classes are a great way to learn the basics of cooking or try something new.
If you are a beginner, there are many courses available that will teach you the basics of Italian cooking. These courses cover topics such as making fresh pasta, cooking meat and fish, and preparing desserts.
If you are a more experienced cook, there are also courses available that will help you improve your skills. These courses cover more advanced topics such as molecular gastronomy, fusion cuisine, and vegetarian cooking.
In addition to basic and advanced cooking courses, there are also many themed courses available. These courses will teach you how to prepare specific dishes such as pizza, pasta, Roman cuisine, or vegan cuisine.

Pizza making course, Rome

Discover the Art of Cuisine with Cooking Courses in Rome


  • Traditional Italian cooking courses: these courses teach participants how to prepare classic Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza, and risotto.
  • Regional cuisine courses: these courses focus on the cuisine of a particular Italian region. For example, a Roman cuisine course may teach participants how to prepare dishes such as cacio e pepe, carbonara, and amatriciana.
  • International cuisine courses: these courses teach participants how to prepare dishes from other cultures, such as French, Spanish, or Asian cuisine.


Cooking courses in Rome are offered by a variety of cooking schools, restaurants, and hotels.
When choosing a cooking course in Rome, it is important to consider the following factors:
Experience level; some courses are designed for beginners, while others are tailored to experienced chefs.
Type of cuisine; if you are interested in learning how to cook a particular type of cuisine, make sure to choose a course that focuses on that cuisine.

Typical Italian Products

How to Choose the Perfect Cooking Course in Rome

  • Consider Your Expertise Level: Choose the course that best fits your current expertise level and learn at your own pace. Choose beginner courses if you are just starting out and more advanced ones if you want to perfect your skills.
  • Research Course Programs: Look for courses that are tailored to your personal interests and passions. Whether you want to dive into traditional Italian cuisine or explore the exotic flavors of ethnic cuisine, there is a course for you.
  • Check Reviews: Consider the previous students’ reviews online. They highlight what they liked and did not like about the course, revealing useful insights that help you choose the right program for you.
  • Book Your Spot in Advance: We strongly recommend booking in advance, to secure your spot for the course you want to attend. Rome’s cooking courses are popular and space is limited during peak seasons.
  • Stay Open to New Things: Even if your aim is to master a specific recipe or technique, be open to new culinary experiences. You never know what you might discover or love!
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Cooking classes are a fun and rewarding way to learn how to cook. Rome is a fantastic city to attend a cooking course, with a rich culinary history and culture. With some research, it is possible to find the perfect cooking course to suit your needs

by Argiletum Tour Staff

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